Kate Middleton May Not Single-Handedly Save Newsstand Sales After All

Just two weeks ago the world went gaga over the shiny-haired commoner named Kate Middleton who snagged the Prince William, the world’s most eligible bachelor because he’s a prince. Naturally, magazines sprang at the chance to put Kate Middleton in a fancy dress on their covers. At this moment, Kate Middleton represents the collective rage of jealous women and the collective awe of jealous men who want nothing more than tea and crumpets with her accompanied by a conversation during which we make her say certain words over and over again because they sound so cute with that British accent! The stuff magazine cover dreams are made of.

Why, then, are the multiple Kate + Will covers not flying off the racks? Keith Kelly says that though People copped decent numbers for its pretty pretty princess issue, US Weekly, Star and OK! didn’t do as well.

Perhaps, Kelly suggests, the different publications Kate-blocked each other by all having the same subject on the cover. The solution is simply, people: buy all four. It’s totally worth it.

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