Leaked ‘Monster’ Video Boasts One Row of Kanye’s Grill, Two Nicki Minajs and Many, Many Dead Models

Something wicked this way comes! The hotly anticipated video for “Monster,” the centerpiece track on Kanye West’s universally lauded album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has made its  way to the internet. Despite the iffy quality — it’s purported to be unfinished, and indeed some cuts are a bit rough — the video’s a horror-schlock gem, with Kanye’s neuroses about celebrity adapted to the noble genre of the slasher film.

What, exactly, does that mean? Well, it means Rick Ross does his Teflon Don shit, smoke billowing around his massive frame. It means ‘Ye chills with some potentially dead (i.e. lying lifeless on his bed) models and some definitely dead (i.e. beheaded) models. It means Nicki Minaj ties up, whips, and gives a lapdance to, er, another Nicki Minaj.

Basically it means you should watch the video below.

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