Like All Men, Prince William Got Wasted After (Temporarily) Dumping Kate Middleton

It’s all fairy-tale storybook windswept romance for Prince William and Kate Middleton, his pretty pretty princess. And judging by their his faultless smile and her blindingly shiny hair you’d think the royal couple have never once exchanged a sour glance. It’s been all Edenic all the time! Look at their barely touched-up official portraits — so happy! Love you guys!

But apparently it hasn’t been all tea and crumpets for Will and Kate. The New York Post got its hands on William and Kate: A Royal Love Story, and graciously handed over the tell-all’s juiciest bits. Among the revelations is a story familiar to many guys newly free of the onus of a relationship, who cast off ball and chain and hit up the boys. Prince William once broke up with the queen-to-be, and he did it with all the swagger his blue blood could muster.

“Do you know who I am?” Will told Kate in April 2007. “No one tells me what to do. I do what I want.”

(So, yes, we added the emphasis, but he totally said it like that, right?)

With Kate out of the picture, Will went and did what any liberated guy would do: called his mates, hit the pub, and got blind.

The prince and his band of bar hopping buddies show up at Mahiki. “As the Rolling Stones classic ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ blasted over the sound system, Wills waved his arms in the air and shouted, ‘I’m freeeee!’ ” according to the book. ” ‘Let’s drink the menu.’ “

We know that brief joy that comes with being single again, but we’re finding it hard to side with Prince William on the break-up thing. Let’s put it this way: the only way we’d be drinking the menu with the boys is if Kate dumped us.

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Like All Men, Prince William Got Wasted After (Temporarily) Dumping Kate Middleton