Live Like Brando In Staten Island’s Godfather Mansion

Make ’em an offer they can’t refuse.

The Post‘s Jennifer Gould Keill turned up an unusual listing from Staten Island broker Connie Profaci for the Corleone Mansion from The Godfather, now for sale for $2.9 million. “Who can forget the wedding scene in The Godfather, in which the big iron gates opened onto a large estate? It turns out the gates were manufactured for the film, but the house was not,” Keill writes. (It’s the third item in today’s column.)

According to Profaci’s listing, “the enchanting English Tudor” is nestled onto a half acre, with two fireplaces, eight bedrooms and four baths. If $2.9 million still sounds like a lot to pay, while having to take the ferry to work every morning, this is actually Profaci’s third-most expensive listing. There is a mere five-bedroom asking $3.6 million.

Why so much, especially when none of those beds even comes with a horse head in them? Maybe a real mobster lived there.