Marc Jacobs Most Likely Has a Google Alert for His Own Name

Today’s Gatecrasher has a fun little item about Marc Jacobs appearing on Diddy’s latest album. For the track in question, “Last Train to Paris,” Diddy called fashion luminaries like Mr. Jacobs and Anna Wintour and used their voices over the phone in the song.

Mr. Jacobs couldn’t remember what he said but more importantly revealed that, like most people who know what the service is, he has a Google alert for his own name.

“I got a Google alert or something,” he told the paper, explaining how he remembered that he appears in the song, “and it was so long ago and I really had completely forgotten.”

It’s possible that the Google alert is for something other than his Mr. Jacobs’ own name, but we’re at a loss for guessing what else it could be. “Diddy”? “Paris”? “Anna Wintour”? All possible, but unlikely.