Maybe Aby Rosen Isn’t Cursed After All

It hasn’t been a banner year for Aby Rosen. His townhouse sold for $6 million less than the asking price, he juggled bad boom-time buys, and “half of Israel” cursed him with jackhammers and other threats for a hotel development in the Holy Land.

But in a sleepy chat with the Gray Lady, the typically flamboyant Mr. Rosen says, “Ninety-nine percent of our headaches are gone.” Based on what what he told The Times, that seems to be true. The highlights:

–He still has lunch with former business partner Ian Schrager, despite the major clash of egos over the Gramercy Park Hotel.

–The company has bought back and reshuffled over $3.5 billion worth of notes. “In the last cycle we bought a lot of inventory,” he said. “Sometimes we overpaid for something, but we believe time will catch up.”

–He confirms he’s the buyer of 530 Park and plans to convert it from a rental into a high-end condo.

–He (or at least someone) made Orthodox Jews take back the curse because Jews weren’t actually buried where his hotel is supposed to go.

Maybe Aby Rosen Isn’t Cursed After All