Meet The Candidates For NY Tech Meetup’s Community Board

  • The Platform:

    My daily life is the New York Tech experience; if nothing else, I understand what it means to be an entrepreneur in this city looking to build a product that changes people’s lives. I want to grow our organization and fix the things that aren’t working.

    As an example, the scarcity of hacking talent in this city– despite the 10 percent unemployment rate—poses a tremendous challenge to us all. We need to do a better job recruiting, sustaining, and supporting hacker culture in New York if we’re to have the fuel that our startup engine needs.

    To this end—and partially, to ensure that I have people to invite to my LAN parties—I recently founded, a union of tinkerers, hackers, and developers living and working around the city. We’ve already hosted our first hackday, deployed a community server with some 150 users, and plan on announcing an exciting new partnership.

    As far as dedication, commitment, and ability to deliver, look to my work organizing the NY Tech Meetup over the past year, selecting and supporting presenters, designing our sponsorship guidelines, introducing an application process, and doing my best to be transparent and in touch with the community.

  • The Platform:

    We have not been ambitious enough in making NYTM truly reflect NYC. If we keep making applications that only work on $600 smart phones, then we should stop pretending to represent New York.

    We should interpret the word "technology" in its broadest meaning when we go looking for participants and presenters at our Meetups.

    We are competing with San Francisco for top talent and to attract the attention of creators who make new, innovative ideas and businesses. Let's make the case for why the New York technology community deserves the time and attention of the world's talents ahead of any other city or industry.

    When we are ignored or insulted by politicians who don't know or don't care about technology, we should make sure that elected officials know there are political consequences to ignoring the values of the technology community.

    I can help make these goals happen because I have the privilege of extraordinary access both within our New York community and in other centers of influence. I also have been blogging and sharing my ideas long enough that I've earned a platform for the things I say, which I would be eagerly motivated to use to serve the New York tech community.

  • The Platform:

    One of the great things about teaching computer science at NYU to undergrads and graduate students is that I’m reminded every day about the vibrancy of the New York technology community.

    NYU is now attracting major talent because New York has become one of the points on the map where young, gifted programmers and technology visionaries want to be. And one of the great things about being a part of the NY Tech MeetUp community since 2005 is that I feel the same energy in the NYTM community.

    That’s one of the reasons I was psyched to host November’s "All-Academic" NYTM. In my introduction to that evening's demos, I made the case that the NYC technology community is on the rise and that an important next step is for us to strengthen the ties between New York area’s academic institutions and the community of entrepreneurs, technologists, and startup companies that make up our membership.

    As a BOD member I will be able to augment the work (hackNY, NYU-ACM, tech@NYU) I do to help our community collaborate with the academies of Greater NY to bring the NYTM community to the next level.

  • The Platform:

    As a founding partner and head of user experience at Hard Candy Shell, I spend my days helping shape the visions of many of the most recognizable and successful start-ups in the NYC Tech community.

    I have been involved in designing product offerings for companies such as Rent the Runway, Foursquare, Fashism and Gawker. This has afforded me the opportunity to observe how people consume digital products, providing me an understanding of what it takes to facilitate a successful user experience. I believe this perspective to be a potentially valuable asset to the members of the NYTM.

    Beyond that knowledge and experience, the professional relationships my partners and I have cultivated and maintained over our careers would allow me to help mentor new founders; making introductions and fostering valuable connections to help their products become reality. Finally, I would love the opportunity to share my passion for helping people to create products and solutions where, often, others don't even see opportunity. I believe that it is through these sorts of interactions that we encourage the next generations of dreamers, thinkers, builders and entrepreneurs.

  • The Platform:

    As Co-Founder and CEO of Standard Start, I've spent over a year figuring out the best way to help tech entrepreneurs with legal, finance, and other nuts and bolts issues on starting a business.

    In addition to the site, which is in private alpha right now, I've also spent a great deal of time advising a number of New York City startups. The New York Tech Meetup board is simply another way for me to serve the New York tech community.

    As a board member, I would want to focus on initiatives that foster connections between the New York tech community and the City at large. By working with City government, non-profits, academic institutions and businesses the New York Tech Meetup community can help cure many problems that afflict the City. I would also hope to work with others in the community on providing more support for technologists as they start their first businesses. Plus, I can rap, which doesn’t really help the community but makes me feel special.

  • The Platform:

    For the past year I have been involved in the NY tech community and have learned a great deal from meeting many of you. I would love to give back and support this community further by being involved with NYTM as a board member.

    For a few years in college, I ran my own events company, organizing large scale dance and entertainment events in Pittsburgh. I know that it is quite a task to put together these kinds of events, and you must keep a cool head in crunch time when things may not go according to plan.

    My goal is to help out behind the scenes, helping find new startups and founders to feature, and ensuring that you all get a great experience when you come to the events. I strive to help the NYTM organization expand beyond the monthly event, to help serve its members even further. We can find ways to support each other in our entrepreneurial endeavors, connect with NYC as a whole, and improve the landscape of innovation in NYC. As a board member, I would listen to your concerns and see to it that your interests are being met in these regards.

  • The Platform:

    I am pleased and proud to have been nominated to run for one of the two open seats on the NY Tech Meetup Board. I am a strong supporter of the NYTM and have been a big fan and participant for the last few years.

    As managing director of the recently formed NYU Innovation Venture Fund, a $20m seed fund to launch startups based on NYU technologies, you couldn’t find a more passionate and active supporter of the NYC startup scene.

    Every day I strive to connect and collaborate with NYU students and faculty, the entrepreneurial and venture ecosystems to enlarge and strengthen our tech community. As the largest university in the NY metro area as well as the current host of the NYTM, NYU plays a special role in our community, and I believe can play a still larger role…as key provider of research, technology and talent, and a growing source of entrepreneurs, startups, and innovation in the NYC tech community.

    As the official entrepreneurship and startup champion at NYU, I have a doubly vested interest in the success of NYU, NYC and the NYTM communities.

  • The Platform:

    I have been a member of this community for 6 years. I have stood in as the host of the monthly Tech Meetup in Nate’s absence, and I created an event of my own called Tech Debate. New York technology has a solidarity in community that is unrivaled. That solidarity is evident in the existence of this organization, one based on social trust instead of hierarchy or authority.

    If you were to ask Gilt, Etsy, Tumblr, Squarespace, Foursqaure, and the hundreds of other NY startups if they could have made it without this community, the answer would be no. It is our community’s willingness to champion our own, providing that vital early boost that allowed these companies to succeed.

    It is this solidarity that makes NY tech so powerful, that makes this organization so vital, and that makes the position I seek your permission to hold of such importance. This community was not created; it happened naturally. The role of the board is not to run this organization, but to provide responsible stewardship so it endures. It is our role to grow this community by carrying its message wherever there is talent, and making it clear what NY has to offer.

  • The Platform:

    My platform is “Dreams Come True” and I do believe NY Tech Meetup can make dreams come true!

    All of us at NYTM are very eager to see, hear and learn about the next Big New Thing. NY Tech can be a tremendous magnet and showcase for bringing together talented people, ideas, financing along with the support of academia and the public sector.

    I would continue and greatly expand that role—not only for the people on stage, but for people like us in the audience as well. I would also create and foster greater interaction and opportunities between entrepreneurs and executives, startups and corporate partnerships, businesspeople and technologists, rookies and mentors. And, for those of us who actively participate and become actively’s OUR dreams that can and will come true!

    I have a combination background in business and technology and experience with both Fortune 500 and startup companies. Fast forwarding to 1987, I founded my own company and served as CEO of Project One, providing IT consulting services to the media and entertainment and cable and communications industries.

  • The Platform:

    I am a single issue candidate. My single issue is to repeal a New York State law that is bad for New York's tech community.

    In a nutshell, when you start a new company in New York (or just register to do business in New York), you must pay the New York Secretary of State $50 to file a Certificate of Publication. Why is this a big deal? It is a big deal because in order to file, you must first publish for six weeks details of your company (an LLC, Corporation, LLP, etc.) and this can cost more than $1,500, which you must pay to newspapers to publish your company's information. This is a subsidy to the newspaper industry and a tax on entrepreneurs.

    Whether you elect me or not, I will still work to repeal this law, but if you do elect me then we will have the weight of more than 16,000 New York technologists behind me when I lobby the New York State legislature and Governor's office. I know New York State government. Furthermore, I understand the tech community. I worked for over seven years as a corporate lawyer and now focus my own practice on helping start-up companies.

  • The Platform:

    My name is Mike Street and I'm the Senior Digital Strategist for a luxury and lifestyle marketing agency in NYC.

    I'm a bubble/bust survivor and a lover of technology. I've been an active member of the NYTM since 2007 and I feel that I can help lead the organization in an innovative and prosperous direction.

    The three main points I would like to focus on are 1) transparency, 2) diversity, and 3) pro-Bono opportunities. I feel that NYTM has many great opportunities but not everyone is aware of what they are. Thus, we need more transparency within the organization so that every member benefits.

    Secondly, NYTM has to become an organization that openly embraces diversity. NYC is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. and the NYTM must become a safe space for all levels, backgrounds, and walks of life can learn and benefit.

    Finally, the NYTM community is a talented and powerful resource. Thus, we need to activate this resource to help communities in need. Therefore, I'd like to focus on the creation of a pro-bono program where members can lend their talents to non-profits who are in need. Transparency, diversity, and pro-bono opportunities are my passion points and I would love the opportunity to serve the NYTM community.

  • The Platform:

    New York is filled with brilliant technologists, financiers, managers and would-be entrepreneurs. We also have among the most brilliant transactional attorneys in the business. What our community lacks are even a few attorneys, well-versed across the full spectrum of ever-morphing legal, policy and political issues, and with the experience to unify these disparate skill and knowledge bases.

    I have had a very circuitous career path to my current position as a tech law professor and tech policy advocate. I have been a government official, a consumer advocate, an entrepreneur, a transactional attorney, a litigator, and a lobbyist and advocate for Internet and tech startups. I bring a unique, broad, deep and essential base of knowledge and insight that the New York tech community needs if we are to become the epicenter, the thought-leader, the model for tech entrepreneurship for the country, for the world.

    I have the talent and skills to help our burgeoning community evolve and help to shape the laws, the policies, the technology and the ventures of the Digital Age.

  • The Platform:

    The role of NYTM Board member is in about increasing the strength, viability and size NY Tech ecosystem by leveraging the resources of government and academia to create an even more thriving community.

    I have done this over the years to great success – working cooperatively with public offices and private companies has been one of my great strengths and has bone fruit in achieving movement and growth in various communities. We can achieve even greater successes by thinking globally, but acting locally with the City, State and even the Federal Government to create programs that nurture and sustain our entrepreneurial community.

    I will work with the city to expand co-op education like grassroots efforts (e.g. Ruby Nuby, Girl Develop It and NWCU) which are collaborative learning efforts designed to increase our poll of technical talent. As both a teacher and a creator of similar ideas, I am able to bring this about in spades. I believe the integration of the community with government can exemplify better practices that can spur on growth and action from a normally sclerotic bureaucracy.

    The future of the NY Tech Community and the NYTM can be a brighter one with influence, abundance and innovation which I am excited to contribute to.

  • The Platform:

    I should win because I embody the NYTM's spirit: I'm not seasoned enough to make the organization too serious, but not young enough to make the organization a hackathon.

    I believe I bring a unique balance of passion, community and fun! I’m a 12-year online advertising industry veteran with an accomplished record of helping launch start-up companies to profitability. My background has been mostly in media operations and product development and I bring a unique perspective to the community.

    I consider my passion, commitment to community and vision to be the greatest benefits for the board.

  • The Platform:

    I understand the needs of technologists and have a passion for our burgeoning community. Currently I am an angel investor advising NYC tech start-ups while building my own start-up. My vision for NYTM is that it sparks NYC to become the world's greatest technology city.

    Fix Meetup Ticketing: To accommodate a larger community, we need a venue that holds more people and implement a system that fairly distributes tickets, allowing all segments of our community to attend.

    Build the NYTM Website into a NYC Tech Resource: The NYTM website is an opportunity to consolidate all things NYC technology to highlight the growth of NYC tech while helping newcomers get acquainted to our community

    .Create More, and More Varied, Events: Rather than jamming everything into 2+ hours once a month, we should host networking events, hacker contests, and educational panels which build up and connect our community.

    Get More Tech Students and Talent in NYCWe need more local tech talent by sponsoring events that connect students with professionals, expand the visibility of NYC tech jobs, and highlight local programs like Adopt-a-Hacker, WeAreNYTech, Protovore, Startup Weekend, Hackers and Founders and Tech Founders NYC.

  • The Platform:

    With over 16,000 members, the NY Tech Meetup has been the de facto hub for people building new technology in NYC. Founded by Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman in 2004, the monthly event has been selling out increasingly large venues for over six years running. Outside of the NY Tech Meetup, no other group is better poised to represent the tech community’s interests as a collective group.

    Awareness: I’d like to see the NYTM focus on efforts to increase the visibility of all the great things happening in NYC that the general public might not be aware of. This means outreach to media, universities, and other local and national organizations, something its already begun to do and should continue to do in a more deliberate capacity.

    Internal connections: t is here that the NYTM is also in a position to help. As a central gathering point for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, the NYTM can raise awareness about what else is out there. This is a wise direction to go, as the NYTM’s monthly event can only grow so large.

    Advocacy: No organization is better poised to represent the collective interests of the NY tech community than the NYTM.