Mongolia To Unlock 49 Dirty Tricks For Sexier Sex–Tonight!

Hearst Magazines International has given the gift of infinitely recyclable sex advice to the Tibetan Buddhist, Central Asian country of Mongolia, reports the Times‘ Decoder blog.

What inspired this unlikely market entry? Louis Vuitton!

Duncan Edwards, chief executive of Hearst Magazines International, said Mongolia became an ideal place to expand Cosmopolitan as the country’s economy modernized and the business climate became more hospitable to foreign operations. He said the idea to start a Mongolian edition came to him over dinner one night when an executive from Louis Vuitton told him the company had just opened a store in Ulan Bator.

The debut issue has Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls on the cover, and, according to the Times, an article about Cosmo’s history of advocating for women’s rights and a profile of former editor Helen Gurley Brown.

We would love to translate more of the cover lines but we, like Hearst, don’t read Khalkha Mongolian.

“We don’t have the ability to read every edition in every language,” Mr. Edwards said. “We select editions from time to time and have sections translated.”



Mongolia To Unlock 49 Dirty Tricks For Sexier Sex–Tonight!