More Shakeup at the New York Times: Star Leaves Magazine for Book Review

Alex Star, the deputy editor of The New York Times Magazine, is leaving that section for the Book Review, sources at the paper tell The Observer.

Mr. Star, who has been at the Times Magazine since 2004 and before that created the Boston Globe‘s Ideas section, did not respond immediately to a request for comment. He also edited Lingua Franca for several years.

“All of us at TBR are tickled by this lucky stroke. Alex is one of the premier editors of his generation, unmatched in the realm of ideas,” Book Review editor Sam Tanenhaus emailed The Observer.

Mr. Star’s departure from the magazine comes as new editor Hugo Lindgren continues to put his stamp on the title, ahead of its relaunch next year. “He played an incredibly important role in the magazine in his six plus years,” Mr. Lindgren emailed The Observer. “With the changes that are happening at the magazine, Alex decided that the Book Review would be a better place for him. They are lucky to have him. He is a great analyst of manuscripts, and he is the best read person I have ever met.” | @nicksumm