Morning Read: Snow Politics Rushes into the Void

The snowstorm made it appear as if the whole city had somehow tilted and needed to be righted. 

Russ Buettner looks at how the city choreographs snow removal.

New Yorkers remain unimpressed.

Just be glad you weren’t stuck on the subway.

In light of budget cuts to the Sanitation Dept., the city announced it was seeking to hire private heavy-duty equipment to assist the sanitation department with snow removal. It is also seeking licensed operators of dump trucks, tractor trailers, and roll-on roll-off trucks.

The FBI took the day off.

“In the absence of the routine politics politics, snow politics has rushed into the void,” writes Josh Marshall.

Rep. Peter King, who next week becomes chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, says he will push legislation to tighten border security and arrest more illegal aliens — challenging what he considers to be President Obama’s lax immigration policies.

Jacob Gershman dives into New York’s byzantine sales tax laws.

Reform advocates say that Andrew Cuomo can start fixing state government without waiting for legislative support by using executive authority to order dozens of steps to improve ethics and openness, protect consumers and help the environment.

Expect Cuomo to use the governor’s mansion more than some of his predecessors have.

New York was the last state to come into compliance with the Help America Vote Act.

The Daily News picks up the eviction notice handed to the state Democratic Party.

Richard Brodsky caps his Assembly career with a report on public authorities.

Bill Hammond would like the legislature, like the rest of New Yorkers, to gasp at their bathroom scales, groan over their credit card balances and vow to turn a new leaf.

CNN says Eric Massa was lucky that “tickle party” wasn’t the political phrase of the year.

It’s time for a law that bans politicians convicted of crime from getting a state pension, says the T-U.

After the census, “the center of political power has shifted,” Doug Muzzio says.