Morning Read: We Do Things Big

Monster Blizzard!

You are basically not going anywhere today.

Sanitation workers had to end their holiday early to clean up the streets.

Mayor Bloomberg said that budget cuts would not be affected by snow removal.

After 16 years on the outside, the Cuomos are set to return to the governor’s mansion on New Year’s Eve.

The experience of evaluating teachers in New York City shows just how difficult it can be to come up with a system that gains acceptance as being fair and accurate.

Even fans of Wal-Mart don’t want the store in New York.

The DN on why people on fleeing New York State: “We do things big in the Empire State. We tax big. We govern big. We regulate big. We kill jobs big.”

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is proud that he gutted the Zadroga bill.

The Cuomo administration will report to work next weekend.

David Paterson must cope to life away from politics without ever having learned how to read Braille.

Tensions remain between the state Democratic Party and what is left of the Paterson for Governor campaign, leading to an eviction notice for the state party.

The state gave up some money this year to Genting in order to get more back next year.

A look at the public private nature of the High Line.

And let the redistricting wars begin!


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