Morning Roundup: Bernanke Hits Prime Time

  • The finance minister of Belgium is saying that maybe it’d be a good idea to expand the European Union’s $1 trillion bailout fund as concerns about the Great Debt Contagion continues to menace Spain and Portugal. [NYT]
  • “Who will audit the auditors?” is a question the Securities and Exchange Commission has been asking itself for a year now. The answer may come soon, so interested parties should get acquainted with former SEC general counsel James R. Doty and John J. Huber, who used to helm the SEC’s corporation finance division. [Bloomberg]
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke went on “60 Minutes” Sunday night to reassure America that with our staggeringly high unemployment and extreme economic fragilitiy, we really, really don’t need to worry about inflation right now. [WSJ]
  • Groupon, the coupon website with the cartoon cat that makes “jokes,” has turned down a buyout offer from Google. [AP]
  • Bank of America says it has met a $3 billion capital requirement that was outlined as a condition of its exit from the Troubled Asset Relief Program. [FT]

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