Morning Roundup: Could Today Be America’s Big Inflation Day?

  • The consumer price index for November comes out today. It probably rose, signaling inflation. But did it raise enough to finally placate the Federal Reserve? [Bloomberg]
  • Look out, Spain! Moody’s says it could very well cut your credit rating. Meanwhile, Standard & Poor’s has its eye on you, Belgium. [Reuters]
  • Goldman Sachs has brought on board former New York Fed bigwig Theo Lubke as its chief regulatory reform officer. [FT]
  • November retail sales were the best they’d been since the company entered an economic tailspin in 2007. [WSJ]
  • Republicans working on a 9/11 Commission-style report about the causes of the financial crisis will probably say U.S. housing policy is to blame. No one will even know they think that, though, because the version available in bookstores will contain the Democrats’ telling of the tale. [NYT]

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