Morning Roundup: Cuomo and Rattner in Elite Popularity Contest

  • As the pension-kickbacks investigation grinds on, Steven Rattner’s friends see Andrew Cuomo at parties and have to ask the attorney general/governor-elect why he is being so mean and prosecuting their friend so hard? And then Cuomo basically says, “Just the facts, ma’am.” [NYT]
  • David Axelrod says that President Obama had absolutely no choice in the matter of extending the Bush-era tax cuts. [AP]
  • Businesspeople are cheering Obama’s tax maneuvering like the dickens — surely because it’s what’s good for the country and not just what’s good for them. [Bloomberg]
  • Commodities, commodities! Everybody wants to own commodities! [WSJ]
  • Bank of America has agreed to pay $137 million to settle a Justice Department inquiry into alleged malfeasance in municipal-bond auctions. [Reuters]

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