Morning Roundup: Hedge Funds Traded Stocks — But Were They Insiders at the Time?

  • SAC, Diamondback, Jana and Balyasny Asset Management all beefed up their stakes in at least one of three acquired health care companies around the same time each deal was announced, although it’s unclear whether the funds bought in before or after the announcements. [WSJ]
  • Although it’s awful to have recently lost your job, it’s worse to have lost it a long time ago, because employers don’t want to hire layabouts who have trouble finding work. This poses problems not only for the long-term unemployed buy also for the harried policymakers who are trying to lower the unemployment rate. Poor policymakers! [NYT]
  • The Treasury has sold another $1.8 billion worth of stock in General Motors, and so now taxpayers own a mere one-third of the behemoth automaker. [AP]
  • Whoa whoa whoa, say Federal Reserve officials. Quantitative easing isn’t this big all-or-nothing thing; we’re doing it in chunks and doing our best to make sure we don’t print too much money, but rather just the right amount. [Reuters]
  • U.S. banks are considering buying some of the European banks that have gotten dinged up in the sovereign debt crisis. [TheStreet]

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