Morning Roundup: More Like ‘Operation Inflated Stats’!

  • In a bitter stroke of irony, the Justice Department may have been padding its numbers yesterday when trumpeting the sweeping results of its multibillion dollar antifraud initiative, “Operation Broken Trust.” [NYT]
  • The President and Congress have agreed: The Bush tax cuts will be extended for two more years, and labor-market casualties will continue to receive unemployment benefits. This compromise is sure to please Americans on the left and the right. [WSJ]
  • The government is checking to make sure that 1 billion $100 bills it recently made are usable. This is not because of inflation, but rather because the bills themselves may have “unwanted creases.” [AP]
  • The Blackstone Group, in conjunction with a Chinese food corporation to buy GNC, the purveyor of muscle-enhancing smoothies and other dietary supplements. [Bloomberg]
  • Oh man, newsflash everybody! The economy is not robust and remains vulnerable to further deterioration. [Reuters]

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