Morning Roundup: No Luck for Ireland

  • Moody’s downgraded Ireland’s credit rating five notches and said more downgrades could come if the country didn’t figure out how to deal with all its debt. [WSJ]
  • If Ron Paul proceeds to hector the pants off Ben Bernanke in his new role as congressional Federal Reserve overseer, he’ll be following a long-established tradition of berating central bankers. [NYT]
  • It sounds ridiculous, but someone’s asking the question: Could the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high next year? It’s theoretically possible! [AP]
  • Congress has passed the tax cut extensions. [Reuters]
  • New York required foreclosure mills to certifiy the validity of their paperwork following revelations that some foreclosure paperwork was not valid. They are not really doing this. [Naked Capitalism]

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