Morning Roundup: Politicians Fussing Over Money

  • The one Federal Reserve member who thinks printing more money is a bad idea can’t shake memories of the horrendous and rampant inflation the U.S. experienced in the 1970s. [NYT]
  • The Republicans who just entered Congress may want to put a check on all that money printing, a development that would surely furrow the brow of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. [Bloomberg]
  • The lawyer for Austrian banker and Bernie Madoff look-alike Sonja Kohn said that the $19.6 billion lawsuit against Kohn by Madoff trustee Irving Picard is a groundless flight of fancy. [WSJ]
  • Democrats in Congress are really annoyed with Barack Obama’s recent decision to compromise on extensions of the Bush-era tax cuts. [AP]
  • Web company Yahoo! — which is either a national joke or a turnaround story, depending on your point of view — is preparing for across-the-board job cuts that will impact 5 percent of its workforce. [FT]

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