Morning Roundup: Tis the Season to Give Billions of Dollars

  • Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Case, Carl Icahn and others have vowed to give most of their money away to charity, in a pact known as the “Giving Pledge.” [WSJ]
  • Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman is curtailing pay packages for high level employees — because he’s listening to his shareholders. [NYT]
  • Citigroup and Bank of America have joined the enormous list of institutions and individuals to fall in the crosshairs of Irving Picard, the Robin Hood of Bernie Madoff money. [Bloomberg]
  • An uncle and a nephew are in trouble with the SEC after using the “Blue Horseshoe” line from the 1987 movie Wall Street to conduct insider trading. An obvious move, considering Wall Street is about insider trading. [Reuters]
  • Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner is just simply so mad at President Obama for compromising on the Bush tax cuts. [AP]

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