Morning Roundup: Wall Street Is Doing Great!

  • Irving Picard, the trustee in charge of reclaiming funds for Bernie Madoff’s victims, plans to proceed with lawsuits against beneficiaries of the fraud. He will not be deterred by the suicide of Mark Madoff, Bernie’s son, this past weekend. [WSJ]
  • If you have been having trouble getting credit lately, you may be in luck. Credit card companies are trying to find riskier borrowers again. Just don’t think it’ll be anything like a few years ago when anyone with a pulse and a signature could get some plastic. [NYT]
  • Two years of coddling Wall Street firms with taxpayer dollars has paid off big (for the Wall Street firms). [Bloomberg]
  • On Wednesday, President Barack Obama will convene around 20 CEOs for a meeting to talk about how to create jobs in America. [AP]
  • Bank of America is looking to sell $1 billion in toxic assets that it’s already written off. One expert says some hedge funds might be interested in buying. [NYPost]

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