Net Neutrality Advocates: Your Nightmare Is Here

The Federal Communications Commission is set to enact net neutrality legislation tomorrow, and a set of scary slides first published by Wired are again making their way around the Internet.

The graphic below captures perfectly the scenario ISPs are hoping for, and that net neutrality advocates are trying to avoid:

It shows an Internet user (on an iPad, because iPad users like to buy stuff!) connected to the Internet. But in between Subscriber A and the fluffly Internet cloud is a buzzkill of a box: Policy Enforcement and Charging.

In this scenario, Internet providers could charge different rates for accessing different sites. Here Facebook and Skype are different prices, but Vodafone is free. The slide comes from a webinar put on by two companies, Allot Communications and Openet, which count Verizon, AT&T and Vodafone as clients.

The end is near. Too bad–we liked the Openet Allot.

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Net Neutrality Advocates: Your Nightmare Is Here