Netflix Streaming, Now Without The Waiting

Netflix is increasingly emerging as the biggest and best player in the web TV / streaming video space. In other words, a major threat to the old school cable and pay TV industry. 

On the heels of introducing a new streaming only service for $7.99, Netflix this morning announced a new distribution deal with FilmDistrict. As another in a recent series of major content partnerships, this deal is interesting enough. 

But more important, Netflix’s deal with FilmDistrict doesn’t include the standard “pay TV window”, wherein new releases go to the cable industry first, then premier on Netlifx a few months later. 

As Netflix continues to expand aggressively into traditional TVs turf, the big boys are playing dirty. Yesterday Comcast slapped Netflix partner Level 3 Communications with additional traffic fees. 

Netflix accounts for 20% of total online traffic during prime time, seemingly certain to be the battleground for the long and bitter war brewing between online outfits and the cable industry.

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Netflix Streaming, Now Without The Waiting