New Facebook Profiles: More Face, Less Book

Mark Zuckerberg is all grown up. The venerable news program 60 Minutes did their second interview with Facebook’s CEO last night.

The first time, back in 2008,  Zuck seemed every bit the akward nerd, stumbling on questions. Last night he came across as a confident business leader, while his Harvard nemeses, the Winklevoss Twins, seemed like creeps.

Further evidence of Zuck’s growing business savvy: He used last night to launch Facebook’s new look for the profile page, choosing a forum sure to put older users at ease.

The new profile places heavy emphasis on photos, which have emerged as Facebook’s killer app.

Right now, users’ profile pages feature one photo, and then a wealth of text about all their interests.

The new profile puts the basic text up top — name, age, job, relationship status, birthplace. Below that is a running stream of photos featuring the user and his or her “favorite friends.”

That means instead of one photo for each profile, users will now display five or six. With photos taken from friends’ accounts, Facebook will also automatically target and zoom in on users’ faces (yikes!).

Overall, the new Facebook is decidely more visual and less literate. Even interests like music, movies and books are going to be represented by images, not words.

Humans are hard-wired to respond to faces, and Zuckerberg, who ironically is often depicted in the media with a mild case of Asperger’s, is refocusing his site to capitalize on that inherent tendency.

New Facebook Profiles: More Face, Less Book