Nick Bilton’s New Year’s Resolution: More Tumblr

tumbling Nick Biltons New Years Resolution: More TumblrNick Bilton, prolific blogger for The New York Times technology blog Bits and 32,000-follower man about Twitter, is unsure how to use the New York-based social blogging service Tumblr.

“I try to use Tumblr – that I want to use it – I just can’t find a use case for the service,” Bilton wrote.

Oh no! Does this mean there’s no Tumblr in the future?

But Bilton is pledging to try harder. Today he posted three videos, a photo and a link to his Bits post about Tumbling more.

Tumblr’s main feature is the ability to follow other Tumblrs and have their updates appear in a timeline for easy reading, commenting, “hearting” and reposting.

This social aspect to blogging is the key ingredient in the startup’s secret sauce. Tumblr has more than seven million users who have generated more than a billion posts. But Bilton, despite being a tech journalist who takes a mean Instagram, has resisted the addiction so far.

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