No New Taxes for Brooklyn Bridge Park (But What About a Parking Lot?)

Oh, those entitled Brooklyn Heightsies. They decry the thought of condos lining Brooklyn Bridge Park — thus supporting the new greensward’s ongoing maintenance — because it would block their harbor views. Yet they also do not want to pay new taxes to help fund the park, even though the proposal helped State Senator Dan Squandron win his election.

Well, it looks like the proposed tax has been sunk because it would dip into the city’s coffers. Local businesses did not seem to appreciate the tax plan much, either.

The most popular alternative remains taxing the non-profit properties owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and soon bound for sale. An outside consultancy is considering other alternatives, which include, according to the Brooklyn Paper and the Post:

  • Advertising or sponsorships
  • Additional concessions
  • Fee-based recreation
  • Special events
  • A parking lot
  • General fundraising, à la Central Park

Some combination of these plans could be implemented, or the condo plans could simply move forward. Whatever the case, the Bloomberg administration has made clear time and again that the park must be self-sustaining.