No New Year’s Eve Plans? Party With Your Phone

Can’t be in Times Square when the ball drops? Here’s the next best thing! Or not.

The Times Square Ball App will stream a live video feed of the party in Times Square, with a countodwn clock and Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook Integration, reports Charlie White at Mashable.

The app is available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices, and will apparently tell you exactly how far away you are from the real party.

This app may spark a mental image of the loner with a glass of wine, face lit by the glow of the iPad perched on his lap, watching strangers revel far away.

But the app could make a festive addition to a party, too–mount the iPad somewhere and it’s just like watching a tiny TV.

The app is free. New York-based streaming video startup Livestream developed the streaming aspect, Mashable reported. Video of the app is below.

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No New Year’s Eve Plans? Party With Your Phone