Not in the Lease? Freedom of Expression: Gallery Gets Boot for Naked Sculpture

The NYPD couldn’t stop ’em, but the landlord did. 

Back in February, artist Brian Reed posed a nude model in the storefront window of West Village gallery The Chair and Maiden. She wore nothing but a chintzy-looking sculpture around her head and shoulders–asking $30,000 no less, model not included. It was an artistic gesture that worried neighbors, including a local children’s boutique.

The police were called in to shut down the show, but because the female model, who was later joined by a male counterpart, was not behaving lewdly, no laws were broken.

The show and its tastelessly tasteful art is now long gone–and so are the gallerists.

The Chair and Maiden’s landlord, Jon Posner, has decided not to renew the gallery’s lease. “All I got out of this was grief, annoyance and accusations . . . that I was turning a blind eye,” he told the Post.

Everybody’s a critic.