Rangel: I Have Never Seen so Much Hatred in the House [VIDEO]

Charlie Rangel made his first appearance on MSNBC since his censure earlier this month, and told host Dylan Ratigan that Congress, “has never been this partisan.  I have never seen the hatred that — on the floor — and — and I have never seen friends that would come over and say, I wish I could help you, but I can’t get my committee assignment if I get out there and say anything kind about you.”

Rangel also said that the reason he was censured was because Congress was afraid that its own reputation would suffer if it did not deal with him.

“People had to vote on the integrity of the Congress, it wouldn’t have made any difference if it was an expulsion.  They will not want to go home and explain that,” he said. “And so I don’t like to see people’s careers be damaged by this frightenedness of the Congress and not being able to explain.  You can’t do it in every case and it doesn’t make a lot of political sense.”

Ratigan, who appeared at yesterday’s “No Labels” press conference alongside Mayor Mike Bloomberg, asked Rangel if he would work to restore the people’s trust in Congress by making their work more transparent. 

Rangel said he would.

“You cannot function unless people trust you.”


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Rangel: I Have Never Seen so Much Hatred in the House [VIDEO]