Reshma Not Interested In 2012 Re-Match, Eyes 2013 Instead

reshma  max enlarge Reshma Not Interested In 2012 Re Match, Eyes 2013 InsteadThere won’t be a re-match of the fight that divided the Upper East Side.

At a party to help retire her campaign debt on Tuesday, Reshma Saujani told supporters that she isn’t planning to run for Congress again in 2012, according to a person who attended the event.

Saujani ran an uphill primary against Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, and though the young challenger was able to generate considerable amounts of both money and press, it wasn’t nearly enough to overcome the nine-term congresswoman. Maloney took the challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate her own support within the district, running an aggressive race, and eventually winning the primary with 81 percent of the vote.

In the closing weeks of the campaign, Saujani suggested she might challenge Maloney again in two years, but a source close to Saujani confirmed that she’s no longer interested in a re-match.

“Reshma has no intention of challenging Carolyn Maloney or running for office in 2012,” said the source.

But Saujani told partygoers on Tuesday that she plans to stay active in the community, and sources said she remains interested in running for elected office again in the future.

She’s been writing a blog for WNYC and recently introduced a Sikh City Council candidate from Queens, where she spent considerable time courting the South Asian community during the campaign. She was also on the host committee of a fundraiser for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, whose wife worked on Saujani’s campaign.

Supporters have mentioned the public advocate race as one possible opportunity for Saujani, if de Blasio opts to run for mayor. She would seem to have a committed donor base in place–Cathy Lasry, Maureen White, and the mayor’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor, were among the big names that gave to her congressional run–and three years would give her time to bolster her record and raise her public profile.

But for now, sources said, it remains just one of several possibilities.

Saujani recently had a cup of coffee with the longtime Democratic consultant, Hank Sheinkopf, but he declined to tell The Observer which races they might have discussed.

“Don’t look for her to run for Congress again in 2012, but she’d be a great candidate for any other office in public life,” Sheinkopf said.


  1. Megan Friedman says:

    so we are stuck with maloney who has phoned it in forever.  Maloney’s own Queens district office was closed for months and months, just when we, in the Dutch Kills section of LIC (represented by Maloney for 16 years) were over-run by developers building 15 high-rise hotels in the middle of low 2-3 story private homes. 

    We begged the City  to help defend our rights against the developers’  massive numbers of zoning & building department violations.  Amanda Burden and Mayor Bloomber’s interests lay with ALL DEVELOPMENT, ALL the TIME, so the City of New York through all of its agencies and Departments did not defend the Rule of Law to protect the local citizens rights.  Our pleas fell on deaf ears.   ALL of these building projects were being built by undocumented labor (in a time when many NYers were looking for jobs).    Every single project was built by crews of either Chinese OR Mexican (when I say Mexican or Chinese, I am not speaking vaguely.  The crews were either of men from China OR men from being Mexico).

    When we tried to get Congresswoman Maloney to intervene, her chief of staff said to me, “this is below the interest of the Congresswoman. ”

    We are below the interest of the Congresswoman apparently.

    Reshma got shoved to the side by the anti-Progressive Queens Democratic machine, the Feminist movement’s stars and organizations who ALL rejected Reshma in lockstep, because, she, as a woman should never have challenged another Democrat woman in Congress. 

    The New York Times was unbelievably rough and dismissive of Saujani.  A Times reporter, Susan Dominus, assigned to cover Reshma campaigning in Queens, wrote the entire article on her wearing high-heeled wedge shoes: what brand they were, how much they cost, how high they were, who else would wear such shoes.  There was zero coverage about her interactions with the public or her views.  A total trash job.  This was heartbreaking for our community