Scan This: StickyBits Racking Up Major Partnerships

sticky bits ice cream Scan This: StickyBits Racking Up Major PartnershipsNYC-based StickyBits has been rolling out major promotions over the past two weeks, and fans of the the barcode-scanning app are reaping the rewards. Ben and Jerry’s is offering a free t-shirt when you scan a pint; Altoids was giving away $10 iTunes gift cards.

StickyBits is an app for Android and iPhone that creates a history for each barcode that gets scanned, so you can attach a comment, video or photo to real-world objects.

Today, Zappos announced you’ll get a “special surprise” when you scan the barcode on a Zappos delivery and upload a picture.

StickyBits reportedly has partnerships with 10 brands including Elmer’s Glue and Fiji Water and will be rolling out more promotions soon.

Combining mobile advertising and social media is so attractive to advertisers that relatively unknown companies like Foursquare were able to clinch partnershipers with megabrands early on. By offering customers discounts, points, badges or the sense of playing a game, advertisers can get retweeted and talked about and even find out where their customers are in real-time.

StickyBits is funded by Polaris Venture Partners, Mitch Kapor, First Round Capital, and Lowercase Capital. The company received $300,000 in seed capital in March and then $1.6 million in its first round of funding, according to CrunchBase.

The Stickybits homepage encourages users to “scan a chulupa and win free salsa”. A free Observer t-shirt to the first person who can find us the barcode on an individual chalupa.

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