Spider-Man Producers Apparently Thin-Skinned, Send Flowers to Detractors

Dave Itzkoff posted an S.N.L. Weekend Update segment yesterday in which Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers mock the upcoming Spider-Man musical, which prompted an unexpected response from a press representative for the show.

In an email, the flack said that the show has been sending bouquets to comedy shows that knock the play. The most recent recipient was apparently Conan O’Brien

A note that accompanied flowers sent to the “Conan” crew read: “We wanted to thank you for your tribute to our show, but we couldn’t decide what to send. We hope you enjoy the flowers – it was cheaper than a cease and desist.”

If you missed Mr. O’Brien’s parody, it seemed more concerned with the concept of a Spider-Man musical in general, rather than Turn Off the Dark specifically, and since the “cease and desist” part is a joke, the passive-aggressive flower sending would seem to lack explanation.

The Weekend Update sketch can be found below.