Style Mag Smackdown: Scoring the WSJ and T Magazines

editors Style Mag Smackdown: Scoring the WSJ and T Magazines On Sunday, the city’s dueling broadsheets both released the debuts of their respective new editors. These ad-dense glossies are only the latest battle in the protracted newspaper war that’s been rumbling on ever since Rupert Murdoch snapped up the Wall Street Journal and set Sulzberger’s New York Times in his crosshairs. After the brainy, Vogue-trained Sally Singer was named new editor of the Times’ T style magazine in June, it took the Wall Street Journal less than eight weeks to pick up beloved Domino-veteran Deborah Needleman to revamp WSJ.

All has been quiet on the lifestyle mag front. Where Sulzberger and Murdoch trade nasty barbs and memos internally and at large, Singer and Needleman take turns delivering polite statements to WWD in some bond of sorority surely forged in the Conde Nast cafeteria. But that doesn’t mean the magazines don’t speak loud and clear about the papers’ resources, talents, and goals. We’re here to keep score.

SLIDESHOW: WSJ vs. T; Sunday Glossy Scorecard >>


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