Sutton Place ‘Backyard’ Becoming Public Park After Decades of Doubt

Manhattan may soon be getting its newest East River park, and it is not the one downtown at the Seaport.

The Post reports that 1 Sutton Place, the tony co-op that has long enjoyed a private park above the FDR, will soon be turning it over its green space to the city.

The deal stretches back to 1939, when the city agreed to build a park above the new highway in exchange for building on the 1925 co-op’s property. (Funny how such accomodations are never made for the poor.)

Last decade, the city realized the agreement had expired in the 1990s, and it planned on opening the park back up to the public. Residents at 1 Sutton Place, which included Sigourney Weaver and Patricia Kennedy Lawford, have been fighting it ever since, most recently with a lawsuit in 2007.

Now the Post is hearing that negotiations are nearly complete, and the quarter-acre park will soon become public land for the first time.

Wonder what that does to the property values?

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Sutton Place ‘Backyard’ Becoming Public Park After Decades of Doubt