Taiwanese Animation Takes on Battle Between ‘Simpsons’ and Fox News

Next Media Animation has never missed an opportunity to turn a marginally important news event into cheap-looking — but hilarious — computer animated interpretations. But with “The Simpsons” relevant again thanks to its back-and-forth fighting with Fox News, the CGI news satirists have gone meta and chosen to include a cartoon in its cartoon.

The events depicted stay close to the actual warring that’s been ongoing between writers at “The Simpsons” and the conservative cable news channel. And as the NMA video points out at the end, though one may think Rupert Murdoch would end the bickering between his two properties, in reality he’s “laughing all the way to the bank.”

Here’s the video below. You don’t want to miss the part when the writers for “The Simpsons” — a “22-year-old show” as the subtitles point out — jump the shark. They jump over an actual shark in a kiddie pool, and the shark morphs into Murdoch himself. Man, these NMA videos are just too good.

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