Ten Tech-Savvy New Yorkers You Should Follow on Quora

  • Heymann is lead engineer at Foursquare and a frequent Quora user. He answers questions about Foursquare, startups, data, New York and art--but mostly Foursquare.

  • Arment was a co-founder of Tumblr who left to work on his highly-popular app, Instapaper, which saves articles on the Internet so they can be read later offline. He answers questions about Instapaper and the vagaries of the Apple App Store.

  • Choi, a front-end developer and former lead engineer at Topguest, has answered 987 questions, posed 410, and made 19,993 edits on Quora. She answers questions about everything from bunnies to location-based apps.

  • Spolsky has only answered four questions on Quora even though he's been registered since at least April. But he's a co-founder of Stack Overflow, the question-and-answer site for programmers that is often compared to Quora and could be considered a competitor, considering Quora's technical bent.


  • Described by Crain’s New York Business as “the father of angel investing in New York," Rose frequently leaves thoughtful answers to questions about entrepreneurship, funding and startups in New York.

  • Richmond does Community Outreach for Meetup.com and answers questions about Meetup, design, infographics and iPhone wallpapers.

  • Roger Ehrenberg is the founder of IA Ventures. He's answered 47 questions and asked just one, which he also answered himself. His answers are often long and in-depth.

  • Louis is a former journalist and dotcom era entrepreneur, with pockets of deep knowledge in areas like online banking, New York City restaurants and international business.

  • A former New York Times reporter, Lee sometimes does some reporting on questions. Now a startup enthusiast, she writes long, authoritative answers across a range of subjects.

  • The Y Combinator alum and co-founder of MessageParty, Peyton is an active Quora user with a range of interests who weighs in on location-based services, entrepreneurship and New Yorky things.