That Empty Feeling Inside Every Hipster? It’s a Ford SUV

Since when do Brooklyn 20-somethings own cars, let alone a brand-new SUV to schlep all over the borough in, checking out their favorite hot spots along the way?

Since the borough became a favorite of marketers, of course. If Williamsburg can sell cigarettes, why not the Ford Edge? After all, the kids love all things edgy.

Watch as an editor for e-newsletter Brooklyn Based drops by Six Point, Oslo and her favorite designer’s studio, all while calling her boyfriend hands-free while cruising down Nassau Avenue.

If this all seems familiar, that’s because this is the exact same SUV all those cool kids drove to Marlow & Sons in, way back in 2K8, as Band of Horses was blasting on the surround-sound audio. So really, the Edge is already so last decade.

mchaban [at] | @mc_nyo