The Perks of Dating a Billionaire: Dasha Zhukova to Open Art Space on Roman Abramovich’s New Island

Dasha Zhukova sure knows how to plan ahead.

According to, the heiress and girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich will open a satellite of her Moscow Garage Center for Contemporary Culture on Abramovich’s New Holland development, an 18-acre former military base near St. Petersberg for which he won a tender last week. The project’s estimated date of completion? 2017. 

The Observer reported last week on Abramovich’s recent purchase of the development and the rumor that the island might become home to a museum devoted to Abramovich’s fast-growing art collection.

The original proposal for New Holland included plans for offices, galleries, apartments, a hotel. Looks like those galleries will have some high profile company!

The original Moscow GCCC earned insta-cred with its high-profile opening party in 2007, which featured a performance by Lady Gaga and boasted Jeff Koons, Larry Gagosian, and top-tier collectors Ronald Lauder and Steven A. Cohen as guests. Although there was speculation that Moscow’s GCCC might close after its lease expired next year, Zhukova recently dispelled the rumors by releasing a 2011 schedule for the space. The program, according to Artinfo, includes a survey of New York art called “New York Minute” and a photography show called “Cuba and the Revolution.”

Abramovich’s spokesman John Mann declined to comment on the possibility of a museum or offer additional information on Zhukova’s new GCCC branch.