The Sins of Dan Aykroyd

  • How do you replace John Belushi? With John Goodman and a child, apparently.

  • Not every great "SNL" sketch makes a good movie. Most don't, in fact. True, sending David Spade to Remulak was a masterstroke, but then Ackroyd let him come back to earth. Mebs! 

  • Based on an Anne Rice romance novel (really) this Garry Marshall comedy had Aykroyd in all manner of sexual get-ups. The result was mentally scarring.

  • A Tim Allen movie? You just try and keep Dan Aykroyd out of it!

  • Aykroyd’s directoral debut was a critical and commercial flop, and completely wasted its cameo by a young Tupac Shakur.

  • Aykroyd got the entire cast to reprise their roles for the Ghostbusters video game, but they behaved so stupidly players started to hate them. And they would not shut up! Needless to say, crossing the streams was not a concern.

  • With its pagan conspiracies and virginity jokes, it’s hard to tell what this by-the-books ’80s buddy cop movie had to do with the TV series, besides Aykroyd’s painful Joe Friday impression. It was also sub-par as a by-the-books ’80s buddy cop movie.

  • Ackroyd's obsession with the occult is apparently real. That doesn’t mean he's qualified to sell vodka. Who does he think he is? Diddy?

  • The lure of a big-budget movie is surely powerful, tons of otherwise good actors were in this movie. And Ben Affleck. But an action movie about the day that will live in infamy? Aykroyd should have known better.