The Subways Are Back in Service–Just in Time for the Fare Hike!

The Snowpocalypse left straphangers stranded, either at home, work or, horror of horrors, overnight inside a subway car. The thaw has finally begun, and subway service has resumed, if haltingly.

Come midnight tonight, those delays will be even more damnable, as Metrocards will now cost an extra quarter a ride and 15 bucks a month. And unless the MTA’s economic storm passes, New Yorkers could find themselves weathering yet another unexpected fare hike this year. Transit advocates are doing a rain dance, asking governor-elect Andrew Cuomo yet again to avert such a disaster, but the forecast looks foggy at best.

Maybe it was subway anguish and not sparkling alcohol that led one man to wander onto the J train tracks last night, causing yet more delays.