The Twitterati Go Crazy Over NYT’s Pilcrows

pilcrow The Twitterati Go Crazy Over NYTs PilcrowsThe New York Times announced some fancy features yesterday that has prolific linkers swooning all over the Twitter.

It’s now possible to “deep link,” or link to a specific paragraph within an article (for the days when the NYT buries the lead), and even link to a version with specific sentences or paragraphs highlighted.

This magic is accomplished by adding characters to the end of the page URL. Type “#p” and the number of a paragraph at the end of the URL, and the link will direct to a page that displays the article starting with the desired paragraph.

To highlight, type “#h” and the paragraph number. To highlight a specific sentence, add “s” and the number of the sentence in that paragraph.

The Times’s example adds “#p2h3h4s2h5s1,3” to the end of the URL for this Paul Krugman column, which turns the link into:,3

Trouble counting grafs? Hit the shift key twice while reading an article and you’ll see “pilcrows” — that little paragraph symbol — which will reveal a number when clicked.

Well played Grey Lady, well played. 

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