Time Out Worries that Social Media Keeps New Yorkers Indoors

mouse tied Time Out Worries that Social Media Keeps New Yorkers Indoors“Is social media bad for NYC?”

That’s the title of a story Time Out ran this week, which posits that early-adopter, image-conscious New Yorkers may have gone a little too far with this newfangled social media stuff.

The compulsive need to document everything we do on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is taking the place of actually going out in New York, the story suggests.

“The risk is that we’ll settle for catching the latest MoMA exhibit via a friend’s Facebook page or substitute a YouTube video of Santos Party House for actually checking out the… party ourselves,” the story says.

Sounds like social media is killing Time Out New York!

But wait… what’s this? A social media platform that involves actually leaving your couch? Foursquare to the rescue. 

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