Twitaway: Which NYC Startups Are Giving Away the Farm on Twitter

Is Twitter the greatest thing that’s ever happened to contests or what?

Almost no one is too lazy to retweet something, mention somebody, or write a 140-character “essay” in order to get something for free. Social media + free stuff = totally viral.

New York startups know this, and some companies are firing up their Facebooks and Twitters with some pretty hefty giveaways. A roundup of some of them:

  • @Hashable: The social networking social network is giving away 10 tickets to the music festival/tech conference South by Southwest. “Details to come.”
  • @RentTheRunway: The fashion rental service is giving away $1,000 in credit at Rent the Runway and–all you have to do is register and fill out a form and you’re entered to win.
  • @Wanderfly: The travel discovery recommengine wowed New York Tech Meetup with its swooshy demo Tuesday. Now the company is giving away up to $1,000 worth of flights and hotels. Build a trip using Wanderfly that costs less than $1,000 and tweet the link with #wanderfly1000 at them.

Unfortunately Solvate’s Facebook contest for a “Boba Fett Was a Freelancer” t-shirt ended at noon.

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