Tyler Winklevoss Pulls Windshield Card in Trying to Justify Facebook Use

Tyler Winklevoss and his brother, Cameron, have been embroiled in a lawsuit with Mark Zuckerberg for the past six years over who invented Facebook. The entire world knows this because it’s a prominent plot point in The Social Network, one of the year’s most acclaimed films and a reason behind Zuckerberg’s recent selection as Time‘s man of the year. It may come as a surprise, then, that Newsweek used the book of faces to contact Tyler for an interview.

But the former Olympic rower has quite the excuse!

It’s ironic I reached you via Facebook.

We compartmentalize. That’s why we’re able to pursue this litigation for six years and not let it slow us down. If you had a lawsuit against windshield wipers, you wouldn’t not use windshield wipers.

The last sentence even has that Zuckerbergian syntax that the character used against the twins in those heated conference room scenes (“If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook!” Jesse Eisenberg memorably stammered).

And despite liking the film — they brought man purses with them to their first screening — Tyler said he and his brother did note one glaring factual error: never had they donned those ubiquitous crimson earwarmers.

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