Wax Museum Enthusiasts to Wait Patiently for Kate Middleton Rendering

Madame Tussauds, London’s can’t-miss wax museum tourist trap, already houses the waxy visages of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, and the young heirs William and Harry. Could the old dame’s emporium be missing a certain person? Perhaps the newest member of this motley crew? Ah, yes! Kate Middleton, bride-to-be of Prince William of Wales. How can you have a wax museum without England’s pretty pretty princess?

Well, if you want to see a lifeless statue of Kate Middleton you’re going to have to wait. A Madame Tussauds rep told Reuters that Kate won’t sit for the artists until after the April 29 wedding, and once she does, the meticulous rendering will take four months to complete.

Also, the Reuters article mentions (twice!) that inclusion is contingent on a donation of an authentic Kate Middleton-owned dress. Make it one of your fun poofy ones, Kate! Those are our favorite!

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