Who Needs the Meatpacking District When You Have Sunset Park!

Sure, the pool at the Gansevoort Hotel and the Standard’s Boom Boom Room are great, but if the Meatpacking District feels like it’s lost its edge, how about Sunset Park?

A new 20,000-square-foot nightclub is planned for the industrial zone of Sunset Park, according to Crain’s. Called Panther, it will rock a jungle theme with palm trees, birds of paradise and, uh, Italian food. “The concept is a restaurant inside the nightclub,” Vincent Faraci, a former Vegas club owner, said. “In some of the best restaurants in Vegas there’s loud music.”

Somebody should tell the folks at Kenmare.

Faraci boasts proximity to the Varazano-Narrows Bridge, so perhaps that gives a sense of the clientele he is hoping to attract. Even so, the odds that Sunset Park will become the city’s next great nightlife hotspot seem remote.

The real issue would arise if Faraci succeeds. Sunset Park is one of the last remaining industrial areas in the city, and unlike places like Williamsburg or Red Hook, the Bloomberg administration has been fighting rather hard to preserve and enhance industrial and even biotech uses in the neighborhood.

To allow hospitality establishments to creep in the neighborhood could undermine all that by driving up prices and altering the demographics. Look no further than the boom along the Gowanus, which has driven out numerous long-time industrial businesses.

The artists have already arrived. All it should take is another nightclub or two, and this once mighty industrial hub could be finished. Kinda like what happened to the Meatpacking District.

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Who Needs the Meatpacking District When You Have Sunset Park!