10 New York Meetups that Sound Amazing

"Can you believe that there is no real naturist group on meet-up? It is time for a change. This group is for people who are interested in nudism / naturism. You dont have to be a full blown nudist to start but you probably will over time :) Lets get together and set up cloting optional meet-up's."

Finally! It has 179 members.

There are 454 members of this group, which was created for people who keep chickens in the city by Just Food's City Chicken Project.

"There are a lot of people in NYC flocking to the city chicken movement! People want to know how to get started, how to connect with other chicken keepers, where to find answers to their questions and feed for their hens." Of course they do.

"We celebrate and cherish our cats. We are male. Sometimes we feel like no one understands us when you show them pictures of your cat or share stories about it's adventures in your apartment."

"Our group is a safe place to discuss Entheogens and the expansion of consciousness. We discuss the work of such luminaries as Hofmann, McKenna, Abraham, Grey, Sheldrake, Leary, Grof, Lilly, the Shulgins and so much more."

This group has 455 members. They have parties, but don't join "just to get hooked up."


D&D is a mixture of story, strategy and acting, and this group has 1,331 members ready to kick some dragons' asses, most of whom are older than 24.

"This meetup group is designed for both new players and hard-core veterans alike throughout the New York City area. We welcome those who have never played before and encourage the diehards to actually meet face to face with other humans (or demi-humans)."

A combination support group/artist meetup with 41 musician, poet, writer, videographer, and thespian members.

"We are gifted and blessed to have such a range of feeling, as this deeper understanding helps us see the intensity of human emotions in its fullest spectrum. And we need to put our vision out there so that others can benefit from it! Let us release our brilliance!!"

"Meet a very intriguing, open-minded, diverse group who are committed to an alcohol free lifestyle. Make friends with people who don't need to drink to have a good time... We 'party on a higher plane.'"

555 people live like this.


"Meet fellow photographers with a love of the sensual and the beautiful, the nude body portrayed in terms of shape and form.

"Indoors/Outdoors, this is an exploration of nudes in its many guises: in the water, out of water, on a couch inside, a couch in the field, on a winter's day, in the summer, on the edge of a cliff, on a roof, daylight, nightlight, man, woman, flash, no flash, with fabric in wind, in middle of a crowd or a quiet street."

"Would you liked to enjoy a good cigar and making new friends at the same time. I know seeking places in the NYC area can be tough but that is our mission.

"So if you are young or old and have a passion for cigars, this group is for you. We will meet in friendly atmosphere places for good smokes and company."

Now you know: There are at least 143 lesbians in New York City who love Scrabble. "This group gets together to socialize and meet with other queer women while playing a casual game of scrabble." All skill levels are welcome, ranging from bad spellers to Scrabble fanatics.

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