Accel Partners' 10 Greatest Hits

  • Accel invested in comScore way back in 2001. The web data provider filed for an $86 million IPO in 2007, and the company now sports a market capitalization of $754.2 million.

  • Accel bought into Mark Zuckerberg's global empire when it was just a humble Ivy League redoubt. That $12.7 million investment has paid off nicely, at least according to Goldman Sachs' most recent share purchase that values the company at $50 billion.

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  • Accel was in on a $5.5 million Series A fundraising round for the online video behemoth. In 2007, the company would raise another $59.5 million in a Series C capital raise. The company has said it expects to go public as soon as 2011, which is this year!

  • In 2007, Accel participated in a $15 million fundraising round for the mobile advertising company, which got snapped up by Google in November 2009 for $750 million.

  • In 2009, Accel bought a stake in the highly successful group discount site during a $30 million investment round. Late last year, Groupon and its talking-cat mascot reportedly turned down a $6 billion takeover bid from Google.

  • Accel invested in and parent Quidsi before agreed to buy the company for $500 million in November 2010.

  • Accel was an early investor in the wireless service provider. The company later raised $1.15 billion in an initial public offering.

  • Accel is also an investor in Glam Media, which pulls in 80 million unique viewers a month, about 80 times more than competitors like Glamour or Conde Nast.

  • In 2006, Accel was part of a $25 million fundraising round for the popular open-source file sharing company. Last week the company, one of the most popular torrent clients, passed 100 million users.

  • Etsy comes to the American Museum of Natural History

    In January 2008, Accel took part in a $27 million fundraising round for the craft-retail site. By April 2010, the valuation of the company tripled.