Adams Tells Parents to 'Inspect What You Expect' [Video]

adams drugs child Adams Tells Parents to 'Inspect What You Expect' [Video]Brooklyn state Senator Eric Adams, of “Stop the Sag” fame, has released a new YouTube video that educates parents on how to go through their children’s rooms for guns, drugs, and other contraband. The video is part of a campaign against gun violence, and features Sen. Adams (who served 22 years on NYPD) searching rooms in his own home and warning parents to be on the lookout for items such as cut up straws, bamboo papers, bullets, and crack pipes.

“The message is: you expect your children to do what’s right,” he says in the video. “But you always have to inspect what you expect, and that’s the key to providers of preventive safety.”

He pats down pillows looking for handguns, searches dolls and books for hidden drugs, and looks behind picture frames for bullets. He also advocates going through kids’ personal belongings.

“You should always, when your child brings in his popular knapsack, with many different locations,” he advises. “Look through it to see what exactly is your child carrying in addition to a book. Something as simple as a crack pipe, a used crack pipe… this is a discussion piece where you should start speaking with him to find out what is he doing with it.”

Sen. Adams warns parents that they must feel empowered to regularly conduct thorough searches of their homes.

“You write the Constitution,” he states in the video. “There are no First Amendment rights inside your household.”

Here it is, courtesy of the Daily News:


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