AdKeeper: Our "Keep" Button for Ads Will Be "Bigger than Twitter" founder Scott Kurnit’s new startup, AdKeeper, is pushing back its release to Valentine’s Day.

The initial date was supposed to be 1/11/11, Kurnit told Mashable, but the Consumer Electronics Show was eating up all the press.

Investors have sunk a total of $43 million into AdKeeper, a platform for advertisers to add a “keep” button to ads. AdKeeper’s last round alone raised $35 million. The “keep” button signifies “read it later” or “watch it later” or “this is nice, I want to keep it so I can look at it whenever I want,” which will put pressure on advertisers to make more meme-ish ads.

Kurnit says his research shows that 56 percent of consumers would save an ad for later if given the option, adding up to a userbase that will be at least twice as big as Twitter’s.

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