Bail for Three Men Arrested in Insider Trading Probe

primary global 1 Bail for Three Men Arrested in Insider Trading ProbeThree men arrested in December during the authorities’ wild crackdown on insider trading have been granted bail. Walter Shimoon, James Fleishman and Mark Longoria, all arrested on Dec. 16, but were set free today by U.S. Magistrate Judge James Francis. Mr. Shimoon carried a bounty of $150,000 and Mr. Longoria a relative pittance of $50,000. Fleishman’s freedom was by far the priciest at $700,000, Reuters reports. They all face travel restrictions as well.

Shimoon allegedly leaked some details about the iPad; Fleishman worked for the oft-targeted Primary Global; and Longoria used to be a supply-chain manager for Advanced Micro Devices.

The trio of accused insider traders is far more fortunate than another Primar Global affiliate, Winifred Jiau, who on Monday was denied bail after her co-signer backed out. 

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